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  • 24x7 Helpline No +91-6357399101
  • 24x7 Helpline No +91-6357399101
  • 24x7 Helpline No +91-6357399101
  • 24x7 Helpline No +91-6357399101

FSO Portal - An Introduction

The Gujarat Fire Safety CoP is a landmark initiative of the Government of Gujarat which aims at strengthening the fire-safety framework across the state and in this initiative, Fire Safety Officers (FSOs) will play a key role. An individual can become a Fire Safety Officer after undergoing training. After successfully completing training and getting enrolled as a Fire Safety Officer, he or she will be certified to do various building fire safety works like – Fire Safety Certificate Renewal, building inspection, conduct fire safety drills etc and earn in the process. Depending upon experience and qualification, an individual can apply for three categories of Fire Safety Officer trainings. To know more about the training process, work profile and other details, please read FAQs and various other sections on this portal.

Introduction to Fire Safety Officer Training and Application Process

To become a Fire Safety Officer (FSO), one has to undergo training and there are three types of trainings. An applicant can choose any of the three training types depending on one’s qualification, experience and desire. The process of registering for training and for enrollment as a Fire Safety Officer is given below:

Step 01



Apply for Course


Application Fee Payment


Application Scrutiny & Approval


Course Fee Payment






Course Completion & Award of FSO Certification

To know more about qualifications for each type of Fire Safety Officer (FSO), types of buildings on which a particular type of FSO can work after completion of training and to start the process of registration for training cum enrollment process, please use the following links:

Training Centers
Ongoing Training Programs

Gujarat State Institute for Fire Safety Training (GSIFST), Gandhinagar

Behind PDPU University, Raisan, Gandhinagar


(Timings: 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM on working days)

Gujarat State Institute for Fire Safety Training (GSIFST)/Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM), Gandhinagar
Regional Training Centre, Ahmedabad
Regional Training Centre, Rajkot
Regional Training Centre, Surat
Regional Training Centre, Vadodara


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is a Fire Safety Officer (FSO)?

The Fire Safety Officer (FSO) can either be individual or an agency/ firm/ company having employees with suitable qualifications as provided in Section 12.0 of the Gujarat Fire Prevention & Life Safety Measures Act 2013.

2. What are the various categories Fire Safety Officer (FSO)?
3. What are the qualifications required to become a Fire Safety Officer (FSO)?
4. What are the duties of Fire Safety Officers (FSO)?
5. What are the categories of buildings for which a Fire Safety Officers (FSOs) can work.
6. How can an individual apply to become Fire Safety Officers (FSO)?
7. What are the application fees as Fire Safety Officers (FSOs)?
8. Is the application fee refundable?
9. After payment of application fee, will the applicant become a Fire Safety Officers (FSO)?
10. What are the various training programmes for which an applicant has to undergo training before enrolment as Fire Safety Officer (FSO)?
11. When will the training for a Fire Safety Officer (FSO) will take place?
12. Can one change the training slot once one has applied for training?
13. Are Fire Safety Officers (FSO) courses free of cost?
14. Are the training fees refundable?
15. How the enrolment fee and training fee shall be paid?
16. Can enrolment fee and training fees be paid in cash/cheque?
17. What is the training duration of various types of Fire Safety Officer (FSO) courses?
18. Will there be Examinations/Assessments in Fire Safety Officer (FSO) courses?
19. What if the applicant does not pass the Examinations/Assessments?
20. What if the applicant does not pass the exam after 3 attempts?
21. What will happen after passing the exam of Fire Safety Course (FSO)?
22. What is the validity of Fire Safety Officer (FSO) enrolment?
23. What will happen after expiry of Fire Safety Officer (FSO) enrolment?
24. Is the Fire Safety Officer (FSO) a Government of Gujarat official?
25. Will the Gujarat government pay monthly/annually salary/remuneration to the Fire Safety Officers (FSOs)?
26. Can an FSO-General do the works of FSO-Advance?
27. Can an FSO-Advance do the works of FSO-General?
28. Can an FSO-Advance do the works of FSO-Specialist?
29. Can an FSO-Specialist do the works of FSO-Advance and FSO-General?
30. How many applications can one make in each category of Fire Safety Officer (FSO)?
31. Can a Fire Safety Officer (FSO) issue a Fire Safety Plan Approval (FSPA) or Fire Safety Certificate Approval (FSCA)?
32. How a Fire Safety Officer (FSO) will be engaged by building owners/developers/occupiers for renewal?
33. Is it necessary for an FSO to reside in Gujarat?

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Training related

Please note that training slot shall not be changed under any circumstances and only in case of critical exigencies, a applicant should make such a request on email only at following email ID:

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